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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 25, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PST

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. we hope you're having a wonderful christmas. our present to you, great videos, "right this minute." >> the family dog goes crazy when santa comes down the chimney. >> except this time it's not santa. >> how an unwelcomed visitor created christmas chaos. >> oh, crap. >> what's a holiday in the snow without a few face slams. >> see the best of the worst. >> two sisters visit sapt while dad is in afghanistan.
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>> guess what they are going to ask santa for christmas. >> daddy. >> uh-huh. wish real hard >> daddy. he big guy >> we've also got a naughty st. nick prowling the mall. >> want me to sit on your lap and tell you what i want for christmas. >> someone is going to get hurt. >> time to get your jolly jumper on for christmas "right this minute" style. >> you guys know the old famous christmas poem, how it goes. up on the roof, arose such a clatter, santa is coming down the chimney now. except this time it's not santa. it's a squirrel. >> heading straight for the tree. >> of course it does. >> i knew it. that's awesome. oh, crap. oh, crap. >> he's under. >> on santa's gown. >> under santa up there on the top of the tree. ornament on the ground. charlie the dog is going crazy.
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the guy filming this, all he keeps saying is will somebody get charlie. somebody hold charlie. >> charlie, get charlie. somebody get charlie, please. >> it literally sounds like a bull in a china shop right now. >> how many times have i said one simple thing. get charlie. >> oh, my gosh. >> he almost had him. >> charlie almost takes a giant bite out of the squirrel. it runs underneath the couch. you can hear things falling all over the place. charlie causing most of the damage. >> that's why the dad says how many times do i have to say will somebody get charlie. >> right there. how come the front door is not open. >> no one gets charlie. no one goes to the front door, why is the front door not open. >> how come nobody pays attention to dear onold dad. >> everybody is terrified of the
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squirrel. they are all running. >> officially my new christmas video. i love that. >> all right. that's enough. >> during this time of the year, one of the very exciting things to do is sit on santa's lap so you ask him for your favorite gift. these two little girls, they are in washington. that's 9-year-old brooklyn and 8-year-old rachel. they are about to meet santa and ask him for something very special. >> what's the most important thing? >> daddy. >> they haven't seen this dad for nine months. their dad is lieutenant jeffrey christenson. he's been in afghanistan. guess what they are going to ask santa for christmas. >> just wish real hard. >> daddy! >> i missed you two. >> and santa made their wish
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come true. he brought daddy home from afghanistan. >> that red dude is magical, huh? >> oh, yeah. >> i missed you. >> i missed you, too, baby. >> all you have to do is wish with all your heart. >> that's awesome. they are probably sitting there thinking, okay, santa. we've been wishing a long time. what are you going to do? poof, dad is there. >> daddy! >> they must have been good little girls all year long to get a wish granted this quickly. >> if this video doesn't get you guys in the christmas spirit, you're dead inside. first song is "christmas is." >> christmas is snoopy. ♪ charlie brown >> christmas fun from harding academy. a little lip syncing.
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different rooms in the school, chemistry labs, the gym. it's kind of one of those cool one-shot deals. this one is going viral. one of the cool things about this video, they really did this in about an hour. >> i'm sure the planning weren't on for longer than that. to do it in an hour, that's amazing. >> my favorite part, a student singing sandy williams, the most wonderful time of the year. ♪ the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> he was actually on season ten of "american idol." that's jalen harris. >> he should have just sang himself. >> you can see they just had so much fun. the guy whose idea it was adam gillespie. the local news program did a story. >> it made me smile. >> the guy on the video. >> we would line up with our friends in the hallway and wait for the camera and wave. >> figure out who the elf is and who that character is from and what movie that is. >> a nice little hello to
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christmas movies. >> i like it. ♪ it's the most wonderful time ♪ ♪ of the year. >> you'd think so. but not for this giraffe in charleston, south carolina. this was during a tree lighting ceremony. >> what's the raft doing at the tree lighting ceremony. are we supposed to assume this is part of the man ger? >> or was he there to put the topper on the tree. whatever he's there for, he's not doing it. he's a little upset. >> probably scared. >> we're having a great christmas party. you know what we need, a giraffe. >> it gets worse. they were supposed to get them out of the way before the confetti gun went off, too. that didn't happen. >> he could have gotten hurt.
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>> he looks like he finally calmed down. then someone shoots off the confetti gun and he starts going crazy again. >> that's sad. this the saddest little thing. >> poor things, belongs in the serengeti, not a christmas parade. the parade director said there was no danger to the crowd during this. no one was injured. fortunately the giraffe wasn't hurt. >> i hate to see them on display like that. it may not look like it but they are making christmas here. now you can learn what goes into making -- >> shin down shoo, basically christmas trees. >> we all know, he knows if you've been naughty or noise. >> you've been naughty. come on, sit in my lap. >> get
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>> by now you probably have a christmas tree in your house. if you have a fake tree chances are it might come from a factory that looks like this in china. a lot of these factories mass produce the christmas tree for the western world. this video from national geographic and their series, i didn't know that. here is a look at one of the factories that makes christmas trees. >> the project starts out as strips of pole vinyl chloride or pvc to you and me. >> here is how they make an artificial christmas tree 6 1/2 feet tall. >> twisted around a wire and pulled through a small coil. this separates the needles and makes them nice and bushy. >> this part is crazy. the branches come out way too long for a christmas tree that would fit into your home or apartment. they have to cut these by hand. >> they have robots to do everything else but have to cut it by hand.
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>> a customer cutting machine would flatten it back down. >> who knew. i love learning stuff on this show. >> all that's left to do is attach the branches to the metal trunk of the tree and it becomes one of the 1 million trees made here at this factory in china. >> that's really cool. you never really sit there and think how was my fake tree made. it's kind of cool to see the process that it goes through. >> steven, this is the cutest thing that you're going to see all day. >> all christmas. >> all christmas day. >> all right. let's see it. >> look at that. >> a little mini miniature santa. >> it's baby santa in a jumper. >> now, see, i'm glad he's having fun because that jumper does lookpainful. >> this is baby mrs. claus, this is four and a half-month-old
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zara. zara lives in canada and loves to dance and be in her jolly jumper. >> she's like a jolly elf. >> she's got fancy footwork. couldn't you watch this all day, every time you get in a bad mood, too full from the food you play zara on the loop. i just want to get therein and dance with her. she makes it look like so much fun. >> she's the cutest kid. she's a little christmas -- >> miracle. >> christmas peach. ♪ going to be a happy christmas day ♪ creepy christmas greetings from a man, a mum, and a cat. ♪
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>> he didn't let the holiday season go by with a little snowman. >> that goes on, over and over again. he's standing there like a snowman. people think, oh, should i stop and help. i'm surprised nobody trips and falls because it's raining and slippery. >> that's his m. ol, freaking them out when they don't expect it. >> they don't expect frosty to move around. >> at one point the cameraman says, can you fix this for me? >> they still are surprised. i love this couple. tells you a lot about their relationship. >> bailed on her, left her to the snowman. >> pushed her toward it. >> protect your woman. >> he's not going to take a bullet for you, honey. i love this one in slow motion. >> i love when this little kid comes up to him.
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>> he was nice to the little guy. >> see, this is why we like rich. >> just be nice to the little ones. >> need to send a belated christmas gift? we have just the thing. >> hello and welcome to fart by mail. >> how you can let one rip miles away. >> home alone doggie style. >> i love these fun toys that come out once a year. >> see what the
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just in time for christmas, the perfect way to tell someone special they are, in fact, special to you. >> hello and welcome to fart by mail. >> did i hear him say fart by mail? this is a new way to let someone know they are important to you. you can send them flatulence by mail. >> like an actual scent or an audio recording. >> oh, steven, you get it all. you get the audio and a wonderful fragrance to accompany the audio. >> can i record that myself or is it preprogrammed. >> preprogrammed. >> where are they getting this odor from. >> it's a natural, nontoxic food
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smell. >> who came up with that. >> the fragrance is concealed under a vinyl peeled off tab. >> friends get a stunning professionally printed high-gloss full color greeting card. a custom message, a heinous order and a hilarious fart sound. it smells like real poo. >> you may be watching this thinking it's a prank, a joke video. >> i believe it. >> it's real. here is the website. >> >> for $8.99 you can send this to one of your friends in the usa. >> don't you think it's a little pricey for a fart? >> 'tis the season for snowmobile crashes.
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>> i've got a lot for you guys. >> nathan barnett, friends. calling out people for naughty behavior. >> naughty naughty. walking in the street. >> you've been naughty. come on. sit on my lap. >> get out of my face. >> you can't talk to santa like that. >> get out of my face. >> i'm trying to spread christmas cheer. >> i don't believe in christmas. >> i don't know how he doesn't pumplg him in the face. >> you been good this year?
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>> yes. >> all right. i've been watching. you'll have to sit on my lap later and tell me what you want for christmas. >> i definitely won't sit on your lap. >> people don't want nathan at all. >> i don't blame them. he sounds like that kid on the playground. >> video games are bad. they rot your brain. you've been naughty. you know you have to sit on santa's lap now. you will? just put that up to santa claus. >> santa is getting naughty. i have to sit on my own lap. >> i think if you were going to sit on your own lap, i think that's how you'd have to do it. >> okay. that's possible. >> i love nathan, but he -- he -- he -- >> pretty creepy. >> pretty creepy santa.
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>> our friend scott has uploaded another cute chinchilla video. this one is all about the holidays. >> oh. >> the little chinchillas hanging out in the holiday basket. >> they look cozy, too. >> i would have liked to see a santa hat on these guys. >> i think you could easily photo shop one right there on it. what's so cute they fall asleep in the happy holidays basket cuddle up like slippers. >> are they breathing? >> you can't tell. ♪ the season is upon us it's that time of year ♪ >> that means fami s. is such a representation of what your families are like.
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your family christmas is
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steven, this is swanky the snowball. >> not show up for a lot of dates, never call you back and stuff. >> or because he's sniffling. flaky my great freddie brazil to northern europe to alleviate his seasonal depression. >> seasonal effective disorder does spell out sad.
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>> this was one sad little snowball when he migrated down to brazil, he forgot to think about one thing. right now it's coming up on summertime. what does flaky have to do? >> might need to sit in a bowl of ice cubes. >> that would work but then he wouldn't be able to move around and explore brazil. what flaky does is find shadows. >> pulls the old vampire routine. flaky, if i had to say anything, i'd say now is the season you should be around snow and be around your snowball friends. come back from brazil. hope you had a nice vacation. come back. >> they said when they leave their beagleusie home alone, they leave her in the living room when they realized she doesn't need a playmate. >> oh, no. >> she chases that ball all over the living room. >> looks like the dog has got a
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toy, like something on the floor. doesn't want to play with that. >> she's, you know, feeling the season. >> she's like, man, i love these toys that come out once a year. >> but sadly she loses control of the ball. >> where did it go? >> behind the couch where she can't get it. >> ruined. fun is over. >> she can get behind the house but can't seem to get the ornament back. >> and that solves the mystery why dogs bark and howl when they are home alone. >> in so many ways christmas is defined by the music of christmas. this one is called the season is upon us by drop kick murphy, a
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boston-based celtic punk band ♪ the season is upon us that time of year brand and eggnog ♪ ♪ plenty of cheer some families are messed up while others are fine ♪ ♪ if you think yours is crazy well you should see mine ♪ >> i love it because this is such a real representation of what your families are like. usually for christmas songs, they are so nice. >> i feel like we should be listening to this in a dark bar with wood paneling with beer mugs in our hands swinging and sloshing foam everywhere. >> that's what they are all about. ♪ we raise a toast to the father, son and holy ghost ♪ >> i recognize a lot of this stuff, like the writing on someone's face. we've done that before. >> on christmas? >> uh-huh. >> like a drunken fraternity party. >> you should see what happens at the christmas eve party at my family. something like this.
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>> chaotic but that's what makes it cool. ♪ >> this song is from their album that's going to drop january 8th, signed and sealed in blood. to watch the whole song go over to the website. >> we have one more video for you. this is lindsey sterling playing "what child is this." enjoy and we'll see you next time. enjoy and we'll see you next time. ♪ -- captions by vitac -- sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.


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